Fully Funded University of Sydney Scholarships for Pakistani Students

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The University of Sydney International Scholarship is a prestigious award that helps international students, including those from Pakistan, pursue postgraduate research degrees. This Fully Funded Scholarship allows students to focus on academic and research endeavors without financial constraints.

Scholarship Details

The scholarship will be worth $40,109 per year in 2024. This amount will cover living expenses and tuition fees, ensuring full financial support throughout the study period. By providing such financial stability, the University of Sydney hopes to attract and retain top-tier international talent.


Living-cost stipend :

The annual stipend of $40,109 assists students in managing daily living expenses such as housing, food, transportation, and personal costs.

Tuition fee coverage :

This helps to cover tuition fees, which are a significant financial burden for international students.

Research support :

Access to the university’s cutting-edge research facilities and resources enables high-quality research.

Networking opportunities:

Connect with a diverse community of scholars and researchers to improve the academic experience through collaboration and professional networking.


To be eligible for this scholarship: 

  • Applicants must be from another country.
  • Display an exceptional record of academic achievement and research potential.
  • Have an unconditional offer of admission or are currently enrolled in a master’s by research or PhD program at the University of Sydney.

This Scholarship for international students is intended to recognize and reward students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance and have the potential to make significant contributions to their field of research.
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Fields of Study

The University of Sydney provides postgraduate research opportunities in various fields, such as arts and social sciences.

  • Business 
  • Engineering 
  • Information Technology
  • Medicine and Health Science.

This diversity enables Pakistani students to conduct advanced research in areas relevant to their academic interests and career goals.

Application Process

The application process for the University of Sydney International Scholarship is straightforward. Applicants should state their interest in research scholarships when applying for a postgraduate research degree. Students do not need to submit a separate scholarship application, simplifying the process.


The University of Sydney International Scholarship application deadlines vary according to the intake period. Applicants should visit the University of Sydney website for the most up-to-date information on application deadlines and other essential details. Staying informed about these deadlines is critical to ensuring that applications are received on time and considered for the scholarship.


The University of Sydney International Scholarship provides an excellent opportunity for Pakistani students to pursue advanced research in a supportive and well-equipped environment. With generous financial support, the scholarship allows students to focus solely on their academic and research pursuits, reducing financial stress.

This scholarship provides financial assistance and integrates recipients into a vibrant academic community, encouraging innovation and collaboration. The University of Sydney’s scholarship program supports international research students and demonstrates the university’s commitment to educational excellence and global engagement.

To explore more, Visit Path to Success page of Cohort Max. By taking advantage of these opportunities, students can make significant progress in their academic and professional journeys, contribute to their fields, and make meaningful global connections.

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