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2 Gaint Banks Partners with PayFast Partners for Bank Account Payments

Top Subscribers 01 Mar 2023 337 Views

Bank Al Habib Ltd & Bank Alfah one of the most prestigious banks in Pakistan has signed a Mou with PayFast, the country’s prime payment gateway.

Bank Alfah and Bank Al Habib customers will be delighted after knowing about the partnership with PayFast. The bank’s customers can now easily transact online by using their bank account number with any of PayFast’s 500+ partner retailers. Further, the partnership with Payfast will be beneficial for every individual easily customers can transact more payments which will be helpful to increase transactions and maximize payment possibilities.

Overall, this collaboration will be benefiting Pakistan’s online payment ecosystem by offering to clients the option to easily and reliably use their bank accounts to make both seamless e-commerce transactions as well as bill payments.

PayFast CEO and Director Adnan Ali said, “Really glad to have a partnership with Bank AL Habib Limited and I would like to thank Mr. Qasim Habib for placing his trust in Payfast. Credit goes to both teams, eager to improve payment acceptance flexibility in Pakistan with direct bank account payments. This will benefit both businesses and their customers!”

All the customers using the Alfa gateway for billing transactions and e-commerce can now simply pay with PayFast by using their bank account number. The banks include Bank Alfalah, Meezan Bank, Bank Islami, Bank AL Habib, Habib Metropolitan Bank, Faysal Bank, JS Bank, Summit Bank, Askari Bank, Ubank,  alBaraka, Allied Bank, NRSP, and more.x

PayFast is a State Bank-licensed and regulated fintech that allows all kinds of corporations to accept online payments from their clients via numerous payment choices, including mobile wallets, payment cards– such as Mastercard and Visa, and bank accounts.  

Bank Alfalah is Pakistan’s top private bank operating in 200 cities and having more than 800+ ATMs. Alfalah Bank has been an essential performer in the digital and online sphere. 

The digital payment method should be made coherent for the customers in order to grab more Pakistanis to operate payment online. This collaboration between PayFast and Alfalah actually brings more comfort to future clients by facilitating the possibility of transacting via their bank account.  As PayFast grows its list of fellow banks, even more, banking customers can take advantage of this segment.