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KTrade will act as financial Advisor and Arranger for Bagallery Pvt. Ltd

Banking 17 May 2023 545 Views

KTrade is glad to act as the ‘Financial Advisor and Arranger’ for marketing Bagallery. The whole ecosystem is directed by BlueEx Ltd as the logistics companion and Abhi PBlueEX. 

Bagallery Pvt. ltd, is an online beauty and fashion marketplace. Bagallery has settled on subdue Inventory economic solutions to enhance and assist functioning capital management through unfinished warehousing and dispersal services countrywide. Thus, making an ecosystem for the whole supply chain.

Abhi PBlueEX is a proficient one-stop solution for logistics e-commerce, retail, technology, and digital, it is (owned by Elahi Group of Companies a major warehousing provider in the Country). 

In Pakistan, Aramex is represented by PBlueEX with GSA for the latest FlyJinnah Airline which will be facilitating its overnight services in most cities of Pakistan. In this marketing, BlueEx is providing turn-key logistical services assuring smooth inventory distribution and warehousing.

Mohammad Zaidi, Abhi Pvt Ltd Director & Founding Member said, “Inventory financing a new chapter for Abhi (YC S21)‘s innovative corporate product portfolio. We try to understand the needs of our customers and provide solutions that can help them grow their businesses. I would take this opportunity to appreciate the efforts of our partners  BlueEx and KTrade in making it all possible.”

Abhi Pvt. Ltd. is a fintech firm that has financially enabled 350+ companies and their workers with Invoice Factoring, Payroll Financing, Earned Wage Access, and Payroll Processing. In the current downshift, many organizations are struggling with liquidity. Hence, custom-made products are needed to target the distinct requirements of the business. 

The economic section still offers undeveloped possibilities for businesses to form their economies and construct to manage any positive financial situations. KTrade is playing a key role and is dedicated to streamlining companies and determining financial solutions to effectively handle functions.

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