Motto Vest Raised Funding from Accelerate Prosperity to Boost Biker Safety

Business Startups 22 Sep 2023 653 Views

Motto Vest, Pakistan’s first Airbag Vest for bikers, has a mission to secure bikers in Pakistan and across the globe. The company has made an advanced form of biker airbag vest that, during accidents, will blow up within a fraction of a second. This vest protects all bike riders from severe injuries like the backbone, neck, shoulders, back, neck, ribs, abdomen, elbows, and knees. 


 Motto Vest’s airbag vests are created to provide unique protection to bikers without compromising their comfort. The airbag vests are lightweight and weather-resistant. These airbag vests are available in all sizes, S/M/L/XL in various color combinations to match your style and preference.

About Products 

Motto Vest serves two kinds of airbag vest products, MV-1 and MV-2.



 The patented mechanical MV-1 version uses a rope fastened to the bike to detect accidents. The tether detaches and the airbag inflates if the biker is knocked off the bike or falls.


  The patent pending MV-2 is an electro-mechanical variant featuring cutting-edge sensors including accelerometers and gyros. In the case of an accident, the airbag rapidly deploys utilizing a compressed CO2 cartridge after detecting the angle and speed of the bike.

Funding from Accelerate Prosperity 

 Motto Vest has raised funding from Accelerate Prosperity- An AKDN Initiative to endorse and support. Both companies are working together on the initiative of Motto Vest’s airbag vest to take Pakistan out of the disastrous situation. Now Motto Vest has officially become a part of Accelerate Prosperity’s growing portfolio in Pakistan and secured financing.

Accelerate Prosperity- An AKDN Initiative 

The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) and Industrial Promotion Services (IPS) of the Aga Khan Development Network have co-designed and marketed Accelerate Prosperity, an enterprise accelerator for start-ups, small enterprises, and growing businesses (SGBs). It is a distinctive platform that offers specialized funding and technical support to aspiring business owners and established companies.

Motto Vest CEO words 

Zeeshan Shahid the founder and CEO of Motto Vest, a youthful, entrepreneurial visionary who supports strategic vision completed graduation in 2019 as a Software Engineer. Zeeshan has over five years of expertise in the startup sector, having previously held positions at prestigious organizations as a business analyst and a business strategy developer. In 2017, he saw the successful exit of his first startup. He has a solid history in agile approaches, user research, product development, management, and business operations. Zeeshan is passionate about leveraging technology to improve society and enable people to ride bicycles safely. He constantly seeks new possibilities to develop professionally and work with other entrepreneurs, innovators, and change makers.


 According to Zeeshan, Motto Vest is a specialized textile manufacturing company for the Pakistani biker community that creates specialized IP-Protected airbag vests & jackets. Motto Vest has a 20-year patent and is aimed to offer accessible and affordable safety solutions to marginalized communities in emerging markets. Since the company debuted in 2022, Motto Vest has assisted thousands of low-income bikers and organizations in reducing the reputational risk of having one of their employees get into a bike accident.