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Abhi Partners with Hilal Groups to Provide Earned Wage Access to 2000

Education 02 Mar 2023 437 Views

Hilal Group, a supreme Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company, has collaborated with ABHI, a financial technology corporation, to deliver AbhiSalary, an Earned Wage Access product to Hilal’s workforce. 

This partnership between ABHI and Hilal Groups aims to enhance productivity and lessen the financial stress among Hilal’s workers. The employees can directly now access their earned pay directly before the payment date in just 30 seconds.

High-quality food products are being exported by Hilal Groups in over 20 countries. By 2023, Hilal Groups seeks to make Rs.20 billion. While AbhiSalary has been available as a financial wellness which will be beneficial for the Hilal Care, Hilal Foods, Shalimar Foods, and Dominos Pakistan workers. 

On the day of signing the collaboration contract, Saad Ali Khan, Group CFO of Hilal Group of Companies, highlighted the significance of providing financial wellness benefits to workers by saying, “During this time, it’s important for companies to provide a financial wellness benefit to their employees. We’re proud to join hands with ABHI to financially empower our workforce of over 2000 hard-working people and enable them to access their earned wages at any time of the month.”

Mohammad Zaidi, Director of Sales and Business Development at ABHI said, “We are proud to partner with Hilal Group and financially empower 2000 salaried individuals. With AbhiSalary, they won’t need to wait for 30 days to access their salaries and will be able to make financial decisions with their own income.” 

Altogether, this collaboration between ABHI and Hilal Group is an adequate effort towards enhancing financial well-being and boosting productivity among workers in Pakistan’s FMCG industry. You can know more about ABHI and its services by visiting