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COREangels launches COREangels MEA for early-stage startups in the Middle East and Africa

Startups 03 Apr 2023 254 Views

COREangels MEA has been launched by COREangels, an international community of angel investors and funds, which has recently created a network that will strive to finance early-stage startups 

In 2019, COREangels was launched in Portugal with an aim of connecting startups with angel investors worldwide. COREangels MEA is an angel investment network that links and helps industry early-stage investors, corporates, and entrepreneurs pursue investment options throughout Africa and the Middle- East, especially in tech-disruptive innovations. 

The 1st fund among angel funds is COREangels MEA, which focuses on the market of early-stage startups. COREangels is in partnership with PTS Holding’s ORO Partners, overseeing the fund.

In the areas of Africa and the Middle East, the fund will be invested in seed and in pre-see tech startups, its target is to reach hundreds of angel investors and startups. 

Further, the Managing Partner of ORO ‘Reem Sherif’ expressed excitement about directing the COREAngels MEA angel fund  and said, “I am looking forward to welcoming both startups and investors on board this fund.”

Maha Mandour, Group Managing Director of PTS Holdings said “The vision is to source unique investment opportunities in  innovative ideas and startups in the region from a new generation of young talented individuals and work with them closely to play a significant role in a way that will guarantee a brighter future for the region.” 

The company leaders handle the group’s folder. One vote per business angel, whatever they have invested as a share in it. All the groups are backed by COREangels’ Head Office, which helps with the expansion of each party, training, preparing fresh company executives, and ensuring and specifying government standards. 

COREangels helps executives in attracting grants access, business flow, investors, and startup assessments to a global network. The Head Office also supports setup, website creation, branding, planning, documentation, marketing, administration, and more.

COREangels MEA is located in Cairo Agora Building, North 90s street, Office D-14, Egypt, and is a part of the international community of COREangels International.