Top 5 European Countries for Easy Work Visas, In-Demand Profession and Entry-Level Jobs in 2024

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Your studies are about to conclude, which means that you will soon begin your career and gain a tonne of experience in the workplace. If your goal is to find the best international job opportunities in Europe, there are several amazing countries that provide job opportunities for entry-level workers, enabling you to make money and gain useful experience at the same time. Let’s explore five fascinating places that blend career and adventure.


Spain is a great place to launch your career. Spain is widely recognized as one of the most favorable countries in Europe for individuals with a degree, offering an array of career prospects. Beyond employment, the country is a desirable option due to its affordable lifestyle. Spain has more than 47 million people living there, making its largest cities—Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga—international centers that facilitate travel for non-Spanish speakers. However, obtaining employment chances in Europe requires either a valid work visa or European citizenship.

  • Maximum Annual Salary: €120,000 (for high-level executives, professionals in fields such as banking or IT)
  • Minimum salary: €13,300 per year.


Portugal is an excellent place to work because of its rapid economic growth. Even while wages in this beautiful country aren’t as high as those in certain European countries, one may still live well there because of the low cost of living. Because English is spoken there, Portugal is a great spot for language enthusiasts to learn the language.

  • Maximum annual salary: €100,000 (for top executives and senior professionals).
  • Minimum salary: €7,800 per year.

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Germany, home to one of the biggest economies in Europe, attracts with its varied range of industries and highly trained workforce. With a booming automotive, engineering, and high-tech manufacturing industry, Germany is the best country for job opportunities in Europe. For recent graduates, the country is an appealing choice due to its excellent level of life, which is listed among the top 10 on the Human Development Index (HDI).

  • Maximum annual salary: €180,000 (for senior executives and professionals in engineering or medicine)
  • Minimum salary: €19,872 per year 

The Netherlands

The Netherlands offers excellent career opportunities in Europe, a luxurious standard of living, and reasonably priced housing options for foreign nationals. In comparison to other European countries, the average cost of living is quite affordable. Job seekers find the nation attractive due to its safe environment, effective public transportation system, and variety of housing possibilities. In addition, the Dutch have a very pleasant and global culture and speak English fairly fluently.

  •  Maximum Salary: €200,000 per year (for top executives, professionals in sectors like finance or technology)
  • Minimum Salary: €21,269 per year 

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Greece, which is well-known for its pleasant weather and welcoming culture, has a constantly growing economy and a large number of career opportunities to work in Europe. English is widely spoken, which makes it easier for foreigners to communicate and helps them integrate easily into daily life and the workplace. Greece’s Mediterranean lifestyle encourages a healthy work-life balance, making for an exceptional and fulfilling professional experience.

  •  Maximum annual salary: €80,000 (for high-level executives and professionals in tourism or shipping).
  • The minimum salary is €6,000 per year.

Jobs in demand in Europe will make it simple to get a work visa by 2024.

  • Demanding jobs in Europe             

LinkedIn, a networking platform that focuses on business and employment, found that the following best paid jobs and the fastest-growing occupations in Europe are: 

  • Sales
  • IT & Software
  • Cyber Security
  • AI
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Teachers
  • Marketing

Job opportunities in Europe 

Professionals in fields like sales management and software engineering analysis can work remotely. Professionals in casework, underwriting analysis, cyber security engineering, and product analysis have the greatest availability of hybrid jobs. The average number of years of experience required for these positions varies by occupation and ranges from 1.7 to 6.8 years.
Data scientists, finance directors, product managers, business development managers, and project managers are among the other well-paying professions. Throughout Europe, these occupations pay more than €5,000 per month.
According to the most recent EU Report on the Quality of Life in European Cities, Luxembourg, Reykjavik, and Berlin are the top three European capitals with the highest work satisfaction rates. Many European countries have shortened work hours.

List of LinkedIn Jobs, 2024
According to the list of LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise 2024, the fastest rising occupations during the last five years in a few European nations are:

FranceAdmissions Specialist, Energy Broker, Sales Manager
GermanySustainability Manager, Cyber Security Analyst, Public Sector Consultant
IrelandLearning Specialist, Caseworker, Chief Commercial Officer
ItalyBusiness Development Representative, Security Operations Centre Analyst, AI Engineer
SpainSecurity Operations Centre Analyst, Software Engineer Analyst, Sustainability Manager
SwedenSustainability Analyst, Growth Specialist, Cyber Security Engineer
SwitzerlandFinancial Advisor, AI Engineer, Human Resources Specialist
The NetherlandsTalent Acquisition Specialist, Data Steward, Product Analyst 
The United KingdomSales Development Representative, Underwriting Analyst, Sustainability Manager