Tapmad Brings the Untold Story of Pakistan’s Historic 1992 Cricket World Cup Win with “Cornered Tigers: The 1992 Story

Tapmad Brings the Untold Story of Pakistan’s Historic 1992 Cricket World Cup Win with “Cornered Tigers: The 1992 Story”

News 19 Jul 2023 724 Views

Tapmad, Pakistan’s leading OTT platform, proudly presents an exclusive docuseries that delves into the triumph of Pakistan’s national cricket team in the iconic 1992 Cricket World Cup. Titled “Cornered Tigers: The 1992 Story,” this unprecedented production takes viewers on a nostalgic journey, showcasing behind-the-scenes conversations, strategies, and exclusive interviews with the players who brought the trophy home.


With the much-anticipated Asia Cup on the horizon and the upcoming World Cup later this year, “Cornered Tigers” aims to introduce the historic 1992 World Cup journey to a new generation of cricket enthusiasts in Pakistan. The docuseries captures the personal narratives, emotions, and invaluable insights of legendary team players such as Wasim Akram, Inzamam ul Haq, Moin Khan, Javed Miandad, Mushtaq Ahmed, Ejaz Ahmed, and others. Additionally, the series features a special appearance by Shoaib Akhtar, shedding light on the profound impact of the 1992 World Cup on his own life.


Directed by Adnan Sarwar and produced by the talented Nina Kashif, “Cornered Tigers: The 1992 Story” is a must-watch docuseries available exclusively on Tapmad. This immersive production celebrates the unrelenting resolve, focused commitment, and unwavering belief in leadership that defined the spirit of the Pakistani cricket team.


Nina Kashif, the producer of the series, shares her excitement, stating, “Cornered Tigers tells the tale of the heroes who made the impossible possible. The unwavering resolve, focused commitment, and sturdy belief in their leadership were the hallmarks of the Pakistani team.”


Adnan Sarwar, the director of the series, fondly reflects on the 1992 World Cup win, remarking, “It remains one of my fondest childhood memories, a rare moment that united our nation with pride. ‘Cornered Tigers’ has been a special project, granting me the opportunity to interact with my childhood heroes and immortalize not only the historical event but also the thoughts and experiences of those who achieved it for generations to come.”


Experience the riveting saga of Pakistan’s 1992 Cricket World Cup victory with “Cornered Tigers: The 1992 Story,” streaming exclusively on Tapmad.  


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About “Cornered Tigers: The 1992 Story”: “Cornered Tigers: The 1992 Story” is a groundbreaking docuseries that chronicles the journey of Pakistan’s national cricket team in the historic 1992 Cricket World Cup. Through exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and intimate conversations with the players themselves, the series offers a unique and immersive perspective on this monumental achievement in Pakistani sports history.