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GDG Cloud Lahore – Empowering Tech Ecosystem with the Latest Advancements in Cloud Computing

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GDG Cloud Lahore is a dynamic community of developers united to share expertise on cutting-edge resources and technologies from Google Developers, emphasizing the revolutionary Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With a series of captivating events and interactive workshops, their mission is to build strong bonds among members and keep everyone well-informed about the ever-evolving trends in cloud computing. Whether you’re seasoned or professional in your tech journey, GDG Cloud Lahore extends an open invitation for you to be part of its transformative experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

As part of the global Google Developer Groups Cloud (GDG) network, their community is part of a vast ecosystem that covers over 1,000 chapters across 140 countries. This interconnected network enables developers from diverse backgrounds to unite and meet like-minded individuals while sharing knowledge and collaborating.

At GDG Cloud Lahore, they firmly believe continuous learning is vital in the rapidly evolving technology field, particularly cloud computing. They hosted compelling events including hands-on workshops, technical training, informative talks, meetups, and online sessions. This allows participants to explore various technical topics and gain practical skills that can be directly applied to real-world scenarios.

GDG Cloud Lahore organizers are deeply committed to sharing their knowledge and fostering community. They plan and host monthly meetup events to discuss various technical topics, empowering individuals to explore their future ideas with the latest Google technologies.

Among their notable events, GDG Cloud Lahore conducted the “Google I/O Extended 2023” conference, a community-led tech meetup showcasing Google’s latest developer solutions, products, and technological advancements. This conference allows developers from worldwide to share their expertise and insights, helping the young generation with Google’s latest innovations. Furthermore, they invite Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) and Women Techmakers (WTM) to participate in the conference, providing opportunities for the youth.

GDG Cloud Lahore launched the “Google Cloud Startup Program” for the first time in Pakistan. This milestone event brought together local startups and entrepreneurs to explore the benefits and opportunities of the Google Cloud Platform for their businesses.

Additionally, they conducted the “Cybersecurity Meetup 2023,” providing a friendly platform for local cybersecurity professionals to discuss cybersecurity’s importance for businesses and careers. The professionals provided actionable advice on how small business owners can improve cybersecurity and safeguard operations.

They also host “Certification Study Groups,” where participants can prepare for Google Cloud certifications through six-week weekly events. These study groups offer valuable guidance and support in achieving Google Cloud certifications, which are highly recognized in the industry.

GDG Cloud Lahore is proud to partner with organizations like KickstartDaftarkhwanstackstream, GitHub, Google, and CNCF Cloud Native Lahore. Additionally, GDG Cloud Lahore is honored to have the invaluable support of its local sponsor, Devsinc, which is crucial in contributing to the community’s prosperity.

Esna Ong, APAC Startups Sucess Manager at Google, Huzaifa Habib, Community Manager Developer Relations at GoogleAqsa Kausar Tech Lead at Red BufferRamsha Siddiqui Machine Learning Engineer at OvationCXMTalha Jamil Senior Software Engineer at Devsinc and Hufsa Munawar Growth Manager Appsales at Google spoke at the event.

The event organizing team includes Syed Asad Raza ✓Farhan AshrafMuhammad MananSyed Ali Zain NaqviAdil Shehzad, and Amnan Hussain from Devsinc.