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Breaking Barriers – Innovation Challenge Futuremakers Drives Innovation for Disabled Entrepreneurs

Startups 03 Jul 2023 466 Views

Innovation Challenge Futuremakers, an innovative acceleration program, has emerged as a powerful collaboration between DeafTawk and Sightsavers. With a shared mission to uplift and nurture entrepreneurial talent within the disabled community, this groundbreaking initiative is set to transform the lives of individuals with disabilities by providing them with a fast-track acceleration program.

ICF’s acceleration program for disabled entrepreneurs offers a comprehensive suite of business development tools and resources to equip startups with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. They have strategically partnered with Cohort Max, a renowned startup growth platform, to provide extensive media coverage over digital platforms. This collaboration ensures that the inspiring stories, achievements, and innovations of disabled entrepreneurs receive the visibility they deserve, opening doors to valuable connections, industry experts, and potential investors.

A key component of the program is personalized guidance delivered through a tailored curriculum and one-on-one mentorship. The program connects disabled entrepreneurs with experienced industry professionals who provide invaluable insights, share expertise, and offer guidance specific to their entrepreneurial journey. This mentorship support system empowers participants to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and build a solid foundation for success.

Munazza Gillani, Country Director of Sightsavers Pakistan Office, shared her thoughts on the program: “The Innovation Challenge Futuremakers is a testament to our commitment to fostering disability inclusion and promoting entrepreneurial spirit among individuals with disabilities.

Recognizing the importance of international exposure, Innovation Challenge Futuremakers provides disabled entrepreneurs with the opportunity to attend prestigious tech events on a global scale. These events are invaluable networking platforms where entrepreneurs can showcase their innovations, connect with industry leaders, and explore new markets and collaborations. 

“Our mission is to empower and uplift differently-abled entrepreneurs, providing them with tailored resources, mentorship, and a launchpad for scaling their businesses. Together with DeafTawk and Sightsavers, we create an initiative that supports aspiring startups and disabled entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential and drive positive change,” said Ali Shabbar, CEO of DeafTawk.

“Our extensive social media coverage aims to acknowledge the remarkable individuals, connecting them with valuable opportunities, industry experts, and potential investors,” said Usama Shahzad, Marketing Manager, Cohort Max. “This collaboration will help our partner to share the inspiring stories, achievements, and innovations of disabled entrepreneurs, increasing their global reach.”

From a pool of 70 applications, the selection panel, comprising industry experts, mentors, and entrepreneurs, rigorously evaluated and interviewed the candidates. A total of 8 outstanding startups were selected as part of the first cohort. The selected startups coming in from various regions of Pakistan represent a diverse range of innovative solutions and are poised to make a significant impact in their respective domains.

About Innovation Challenge Futuremakers

Innovation Challenge Futuremakers is an innovative acceleration program driven by the collaboration between DeafTawk and Sightsavers. With a focus on empowering entrepreneurs with disabilities, the program provides a transformative platform to help them realize their dreams. Through strategic partnerships, personalized guidance, and international exposure, ICF aims to empower disabled entrepreneurs and foster an inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial community.

About Cohort Max

Cohort Max is a startup growth platform that offers businesses opportunities for growth, a supportive community, and valuable resources. We focus on empowering businesses by providing them with the knowledge and resources needed to grow successfully.